New Demo Available! [2022]

Battle Royale: For Your Heart! has a brand new demo update! 

This version includes: 

  • Two new major scenes. 
    • Officially meet RexTheKid in the game lobby! Will you choose to help him? 
    • What's the deal with that female Noob and TwinTails? Now players will meet her regardless of their selected avatar and her dialogue is different
  • New VAs
    • Devin Barrett plays Rex, Roanna Cruz plays the Female Noob (???) and Alex Ross is the new voice of Midnight. 
    • There are also some brand new voice lines. 
  • New UI elements by PogoNR
    • We have a brand new clickable map and mini map that changes based on the player's location. 
    • There is now a friends list, so you can add other npc players. 
    • New loading tickertape, no more big white letters!
  • Updated Script
    • Aside from the two new scenes added, players may notice a few extra lines added in here and there. 
    • Grammar fixes.
    • Restructured the script, so certain scenes had to be removed. However, this will allow us to tell a better more mainlined story in the full version of the game. 
  • New CC music added for certain scenes.

The demo is definitely worth checking out. While you'll see some familiar scenes, a lot of the demo's script has been changed and updated to tell the same kind of story in a more engaging and organized way! Thanks so much, enjoy! 

Also shoutout to KotoriWorks for creating BRFYH's new trailer which can be seen on the game page! 


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Sep 03, 2022

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Ahhh, I just finished the new demo and really enjoyed it! I see that the routes changed from six to four (which is still cool and a good number!). I'm guessing that Midnight, TwinTails, and Striker are still a route. I'm not sure about Holly, because Rex was also giving me major route vibes too.

Thank you so much for playing and letting us know your thoughts! Unfortunately due to lack of funding at the moment we've had to cut back the number of routes, so this means no FNoob or Parker routes.  We've incorporated the two of them into different routes to still maintain their importance to the story and give them some screen time. 

The plan is to have Rex be our fourth love interest because of his role in the demo, and the potential that route has. However, we want to include Holly as our bonus romance route if we have the funding as the ending of the game's production gets near. So, fingers crossed! 
Thank you so much again for commenting! <3 


I've been following this project for a long time and I'm as excited as ever to play the full game 😍


Ahhh, thanks so much! We're working really hard to get the game completed. So be on the lookout for more updates in the future :)