A downloadable visual novel for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Battle Royale: For Your Heart! (BRFYH) is a battle royale themed romance parody game in development. This game is a critique on common visual novel and anime tropes, online gaming communities, and, of course, the ever-growing popularity of battle royale games.

After watching SamuraiStriker, world famous streamer and competitive battle royale player, invite gamers of all skill levels to join him in LegendEx Games' Fighter's Cup, you decide to enter the tournament to try and win the highly sought after mystery prize.

The only problem? You are a complete noob, mistakenly entered the duos tournament as a solo player,  have to scramble to find a partner, and attempt to win the competition!

Select your avatar, player voice, gamertag, and possible duo partner, as you venture into an expansive virtual world alongside a colorful cast of characters. It is up to you to decide how the game unfolds. Unlock hidden scenes, build a bond with your partner (or enemies!) and try to win the competition! 

The completed game will feature:

  •  6 romance routes with an option to remain solo
  • Selectable avatar with voice options
  • Partial voice acting
  • Interactive Map and Mini-Map
  •  OST by Monish Cortona
  • A story that changes based on your decisions!

                                                                                                    .... and more!


The Extended Demo Includes:

  • Selectable protagonist, voice, gamertag
  • 60k+ words of content (2-3 hours of gameplay depending on the route you take)
  • Two explorable locations beyond the lobby (depending who you partner with)
  • Partial voice acting.
  • A variety of dialogue choices.
  • Four original compositions
  • Action packed battle scenes (on certain routes)
  • Custom sprite art, backgrounds, UI, and CG.

                                                                                                           … and more!

Date a diverse cast of characters with interesting backstories and attractive designs.


  • Player Character: 

Choose your player's appearance, voice, and gamertag. You're a new player on the battle royale scene and don't know much about the game or virtual world. Navigate the routes in order to learn about the game mechanics, your partner, and the world around you.

  • Parker: 

A possible partner and romance option if you choose to be the female main character. Parker considers himself an inexperienced player despite having played in a few unranked battle royale matches before. Parker is more concerned with creating a fun experience for himself and his partner than winning the tournament. 

  • Female Noob(???): 

The player is able to name this character. She becomes a romance option if you choose to be the male main character. She is very standoffish and defensive about her play style. The female noob is determined to prove her skills and that she shouldn’t be judged by her basic avatar. 

  • Midnight:

For the most part, Midnight takes a relaxed approach to life... though this doesn’t apply to certain things which he feels very strongly about. Sometimes he’ll slip up and remind you that he is indeed not “one of the young ones” but tries to hide this because he doesn’t want people to think that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.  

  • TwinTails: 

TwinTails is a peppy, vibrant girl who lights up the room… until you do something she doesn’t like. Her happy-go-lucky persona drops and is replaced with a scary woman. Still, one can’t help but be enchanted by her...

  • SamuraiStriker:

Striker is a famous streamer. He started as a competitive player in esports but has long since watered down his content for his younger audience. Striker has a dual persona. On stream, he plays the part of a hero, trying to garner more attention and views. Off camera, he’s a little bit different. Which side will he show you?

  • HollyDay:

Holly is a no-nonsense kind of woman. She’s focused on winning the battle royale and won’t let anything stop her. Being hyperfocused on the win leaves others thinking she has a chilly  personality, but in reality, Holly is a caring and compassionate person. She just funnels that energy into being the best at what she does: winning battle royale games.

Our Team: 

  • LegendEx [Writer, Project Lead] 
  •   Yoru Uta[Programmer] 
  •   DahliaWilder [Sprite Artist] 
  •   Fuyunokawa [background Artist] 
  •  Saibreaus [GUI Artist]
  • Monish Corna [Composer]
  • PixelsandPins [Voice Director]
  • Sabrina Marie @k0torisan [Editing]
  • Sarah Ruth [TwinTails VA]
  • Reed Kriner [Default Male VA]
  • Anairis Q [Default Female VA]
  • Tom Schalk [Midnight’s VA]
  • John Patneaude [SamuraiStriker’s VA]
  • Lane Rush [Voice of Male MC]
  • Kieran Flitton [Voice of Male MC]
  • Elsie Lovelock [Voice of Female MC]
  • Nola Klop [Voice of Female MC]
  • Matt Raftis [Voice of Announcer]
  • Trent Martin [Voice of NPC]
  • Gareth Farr [Voice of NPC]
  • Leader Looi [Voice of Snipes]
  • Samuel Parish [Trailer Editor]


BRFYH Extended Demo Credits.txt 2 kB
BRFYH-ExtendedDemo-pc.zip 196 MB
BRFYH-ExtendedDemo-mac.zip 179 MB
BRFYH-ExtendedDemo-linux.tar.bz2 185 MB

Development log


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please don’t lock the love interests behind a gender wall….


The only love interest(s) locked by a gender wall are Parker/Fnoob because they share the same character sprites as the protagonist, so essentially, we wanted the player to avoid dating "themselves"

By default/route wise you can only be duo partners with TwinTails and either Parker/FNoob depending on who you pick as your MC. If you'd like to romance Striker, Holly, or Midnight you'll need to go solo for their storyline to begin but this is regardless of what gender you choose at the start.

I really like the characters so far-- although as you may tell, not a big fan of tsundere. I loved this concept/parody, as it's really unique. I hope that there will be more interactivity or perhaps QTE in future iterations of this game. Wishing you the best of luck on the rest of your campaign; thank you for letting me know about it! 

Thank you so much for the feedback and for checking out our game! 


Absolutely thrilled to have been tagged on Twitter to be made aware of this game!

So far this is certainly shaping up to be a cracking VN, with some super characters (and relationship-building), great soundtrack and wonderful background art.

When it comes to those amazing characters, I don't wanna throw around favourites because they're all so good... ah, who am I kidding, Midnight is clearly the best.

I'm super excited to see what other plans there are for the full version of this game, and I'm all the way behind the current Kickstarter campaign. Give the demo a try for yourselves and see what you think! =)


Thanks so much for playing and the kind words Mikey! 

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Hello! I just wanted to leave some thoughts. To start though, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your demo and hope your game gets funded on the kickstarter. 

Now, are just some ramblings over my thoughts after finishing what part of the narrative was available. I'm leaving these here to see how wrong I am after seeing the entire thing. ;)

I'm assuming the MC that we choose doesn't have a default appearance besides with what we see with their generic avatar (meaning we can kind of shape their appearance outside the game on our own). If so, I'll feel a little better romancing multiple characters because I can insert a different one depending on the playthrough,  it's nothing against you guys if this isn't so, I'm just weird like this and I'll still buy the final game regardless because I'm sure curious where this story is going. 😅

I'm going to guess Midnight is going to be my favorite route, or possibly Parker because I'm putty for characters who are kind. I was going to guess that Parker was Striker's ex-partner, but the more I thought about it I don't think that stacks up in the long run of narrative arc (unless he's a really big troll - and if so, you got me parker, you really got me). Then my thought's turned over to the F!Noob, then that might seem like a more likely outcome with her, where she had pretended to be a guy because it's easier to accept that you got your ass kicked by another dude then some random girl especially in an online competitive setting - or maybe Rex was HollyDay all long (edit: after finishing Midnight's route, I don't think Holly could possibly be Rex). I don't know, my mind is spinning this thing a lot of different ways. I'm assuming Midnight is connected to this game on a deeper level than any of the characters realize, like he's part of the Dev team or some kind of field agent to make sure things don't get too out of hand on the field, which would really be catastrophic if you think about what he has to loose if you're on his route. Also, I'm sure curious out Tail's sister, I'm assuming from the tone of the narrative that she's either dead or has some kind of condition where she's not likely to recover from (i.e. cancer) and this probably going be her last match unless you're on her route.  I don't know enough about about Striker or Holly to get a feel for where their stories might be going. 

Thanks for the interesting VN!! Can't wait to see what your team does in the future. <3

Thank you so much for the wonderful comment! I'm enjoying reading all the comments, but you'll have to wait for the full version to see how it all turns out ;) 

I am one of the Pre-Reg's! The demo was great and I really hope this get funded!

Thank you so much! We really appreciate it! 

Well when I first look at it I think it's a nice visual novel, but after I played it for awhile I must say that I was wrong. It's a very good visual novel! I love all the characters! How Twintails look and how Midnight act is just *chef kiss*. The voice acting was also on point, I love Midnight laugh and the main character awkward noise. Can't wait to check out more.

Also do you know that shotgun are very effective in  close range?

On episode 2 now! Meeting the new newbie, which I assume will be our partner for the game? Also what do Twintails mean by danger???

Thanks for playing!

Finally finished playing the demo. The game was very interesting and I can't wait for the full release. I'm really sorry that I can't play it to the fullest due to my sudden microphone circumstances right now. 

Amazing game! Really enjoyed the demo! :)

Thank you so much for playing!

This game is amazing! UwU. Question tho. (1.) Free upon full game release? (2.) R u going to have full or partial voice acting? Also UwU's and OwO's 2 ur game!

Thank you for playing and leaving a comment! The game will be a commercial release and will have partial voice acting. We will be launching a kickstarter campaign at the end of august, so please keep a look out for that and a new updated extended demo (60k words and new features!) Thank you again!


Awesome game!

Thank you!

The art, voice-acting, and GUI are fantastic! I'm definitely down to see the complete game now.

Quick question-by 3 duo partner options, is that including the protaganist...s....? So TwinTails, Parker, and New Girl? Or is there someone else I keep missing?

Yep, that would be correct. In the upcoming extended demo you can pair up with Midnight as well and in the full game though Striker and Holly are locked as partners, they can still be romanced. 

Thank you for the quick response!

I played through the demo a number of times and I really like what y'all made here! Although the protagonists' ignorance on games had me dying of second hand embarrassment. They had the time to look up forum threads on Samurai, but not to watch a youtube video on how the game worked...? Man, they're in over their heads. It's a bit strange reading from their POV-they make note of things I don't even notice anymore. It's weird enough for me I keep attempting to make explanations for it (like the MC is an army vet) , but honestly this probably really is how games seem to complete outsiders.  It's fascinating and disorienting at the same time.

I'm not too into the streamer scene but some of these characters are familiar lol. Makes me feel a little weird as I'm playing, though I think that might be necessary to get your commentary on the online gaming community across. Sure, everyone was pretty nice in the "prologue" but you can see the dirty cracks with forcing TwinTails to be MC's partner and New Girl's extremely aggressive attitude.

Ah, that was another wonderful aspect to this game. I love it when the unpicked protagonist is a character unto themselves. The difference between New Girl and Parker was so extreme, although as a girl, I understand why. Still threw me pretty hard when I played as dude!MC though. I very much was expecting just a generic, fumbling noob with paranoia like back when I picked lady!MC, so it was a great surprise. 

All the characters were endearing, but I am partial to Midnight. Just a decent dude, ya know? Parker also seemed sweet. Not gonna win the royale, but sweet. Wish we coulda seen more of Striker and Holly, but given the set-up it makes sense. TwinTails story with her sister and Striker intrigues me. Overall I'm hoping for some good drama to play out between members of the cast. After all, isn't that what streamers are famous for, only sometimes second to games? :P

Really looking forward to the updated demo and full game release. Keep it up!

Thank you so much for the lovely and well thought out comment! The team really appreciates the feedback and the compliments as well <3