Only 16 Days Left of our Kickstarter! (Updates)

Hello new followers and old! Welcome to our little spot on the internet. I'd like to first thank you all for the support these last few weeks. Giving our demo a shot means a lot to us. It may seem like a silly parody game to some, but for us it's really a love letter to the VN genre, battle royale games, and online gaming communities. To be able to share that with you all and have people believe in and enjoy our project has been an amazing experience. Thank you once again! 

We're 23% funded on Kickstarter, but we need a bit more funding to help us reach our goal and make the full game, as we envision it, a reality. We of course want to offer you guys special perks for pledging. We've added a few additional tiers aside from the standard game code. For any tier $50 and above, you'll gain early access to all major builds as we develop and add things to the game. For $100, you can be a mod in SamuraiStriker's chat. He'll reference your username quite a few times throughout his route.

For $500, we've added the ability for you to work with me in creating a romantic scene for the partner of your choosing. Want to prank Striker on stream? Want the MC to have some extra training time with Midnight?  Now's your chance. You tell me what you want to see happen and I'll write the scene and add it to the game! This also includes one of the lines, of your choosing, to be voiced in the scene. There are 6 of these available, one for each romantic partner. 

While the early bird special is over, you can still get a copy of the game, kickstarter backer only updates, a copy of the game and OST, your name in the killfeed, a character for the MC to battle and more. If you like our game, please consider backing our project and sharing the link with people you think may be interested in it as well. 

Remember, there are only 16 days left! Back our kickstarter here.

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I shared it on some Discord servers, hope it helps! Will you be able to make the complete game even if the KS fails, though? I'm really looking forward to it ;_;

Thank you so much for the help! We will still be making the full game even if we don't get funding from kickstarter. There may be a slight delay on our original plan because of it but we'll make an official announcement about it sometime next week.

I'm really glad you like our game! 💕