Post KS: What's Next?

Hello everyone,

As you may have seen recently, Battle Royale: For Your Heart! did not meet its goal on kickstarter, and as such we have gained no funding for the production of the full game. I’d like to thank everyone who donated, played our games on their channel, and shared the link to the campaign around. I’d also like to thank everyone who downloaded the demo and gave it a shot. The support this past month has been really heartwarming and its assured of us one thing: you guys want to play the full version of Battle Royale: For Your Heart!


As such, we’re not giving up on the production of the full game. We will still continue forward, but will have to take the next few months to regroup, come up with a new plan, and figure out how to get the money needed to make the game we imagined. In the meantime, our writer is working on chipping away at the full game’s script.


We’re hoping to have some more news to share soon. To get the most up to date information about the game’s production, feel free to follow these socials:



If you'd like to donate and help us, feel free to check out our ko-fi page. All donations will go towards making BRFYH. 


Thank you again and we look forward to continuing the journey with you all.



The BRFYH Team <3

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Wishing you guys the best of luck! I really hope this game gets enough funding. A battle royale themed visual novel is such a fresh idea.