Extended Demo and Kickstarter Released!

The extended demo for BRFYH is out now! You can also back the game on Kickstarter if you're interested in it!

It features:
> 60k+ words of content (that's around 2-3 hours depending on which choices you make)

>  A selectable protagonist with voice options

> Partial Voice Acting

> 4 original compositions

> 3 duo partner options (but 6 love interests total) and the ability to go solo

> Gaming jokes

> Action packed battle scenes

....and more! Play the demo to find out!


BRFYH-ExtendedDemo-linux.tar.bz2 178 MB
Jan 25, 2021
BRFYH-ExtendedDemo-mac.zip 172 MB
Jan 25, 2021
BRFYH-ExtendedDemo-pc.zip 189 MB
Jan 25, 2021

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