Kickstarter Update

I'd like to thank everyone who has downloaded the demo of BRFYH and backed us on kickstarter. Your support means the world to me! We currently sit at 14% funding, but we've got a long way to go! If you'd like to see the full game become a reality, please consider backing the project and/or sharing our kickstarter link and demo around! 

We've added a brand new kickstarter tier at $50 called "Since the Beta" in honor of our resident Veteran, Midnight. You'll get access to backer only updates and polls, your name in the credits of the game, a copy of the game on or steam, and early access to all major updates of the game. What does this mean? As we update the game, we'll send you demo builds to test out and try. We will not be releasing these to the general public, so it'll be your only chance to play the game updates before the finished game is released next year! 

If you donated at a higher tier ($75, $150, $175, $300) you'll also receive early access to all major updates. KS didn't let me update the tiers to include this, but rest assured you will still get them! 

As always, thank you for the support and lets keep pushing to make an amazing game! 

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