A downloadable kinetic novel for Windows and macOS

Secrets Untold is a Fully Voiced English Kinetic Novel.


18 years ago the Queen of Vestis discovered a baby with an enchanting red amulet left on the doorstep of Castle Vestis. This young girl was brought into the Castle, raised by the servants, and named Calista. Despite the King's valiant efforts, he could not keep his son  and the orphan girl from meeting. Eventually, the two fell in love and the young Prince proposed. Outrage spread throughout Aurea and the Prince was faced with a tough decision.....love or tradition?  When a mysterious organization comes into the picture, it only complicates things further. What does Calista's amulet really mean?

Follow Calista on her journey of self discovery and growth as she navigates her new life. 

The Game Features:

  • Full Voice Acting with over 650 lines of recorded dialogue.
  • Custom GUI by Saibraeus
  • Original Sprite Art by DahliaWilder
  • Original OST by Monish Corona
  • 35k words, around 3+ hours of playtime. 

Meet the Team:

  • LegendEx [Writer, Programmer, and Project Lead]
  • Dahlia Wilder [Sprite  Artist]
  • Saibraeus [GUI artist]
  • TellerFarsight [GUI Programmer]
  • Monish Corona [Composer]

Voice Actors:

  • Calista [Cait Powers-Page]
  • Kiran [Daniel Acosta]
  • Balder [Sean Rogers]
  • Maddox [Skye Blue]
  • King Rory [Robert S. Benjamin]
  • Loretta [Kat Peterson]
  • Assassin [Trent Martin]
  • Mrs. Parisi [Yenni Ann]
  • Mysterious Figure [Adrian Klin]
  • Sir Taylor [Killian Poplyk]
  • Commander Kirk [Miguel Cruz]
  • Clerk [Gabe Hicks]
  • Passerby [Amanda Parker]
  • Passerby 2 [Emma Breezy]
  • Soldier 1 [Brenden Floyd]
  • Soldier 2 [Kiba Walker]
  • Soldier 3 [Jack Malban]
  • Merchant [Corinne Sudberg]
  • Young Balder [Joshua Waters]
  • Young Calista [Minh Ton]
  • Mr. Odela [Joseph Zephyr]
  • Lady Belvedere [Jes Richards]

(For full credits check .txt file included in the game folder)


SecretsUntoldMac.zip 170 MB
SecretsUntoldPC.zip 187 MB
SecretsUntoldPC_IconErrorFixedVersion.zip 187 MB
SecretsUntoldMAC_IconErrorFix.zip 170 MB

Development log


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Is this just a slideshow story, or a game where  the MC has choices to make? Sofar I've progressed to the lake with Kiran and Maddox and no choice has presented iteself.

Hello! Thanks for checking out the game. Secrets Untold is a kinetic novel with no choices. 


Wow, okay. I loved this game? I loved it so much. 

The way Calista started out as desperately wanting to be Queen, and her attachment to Balder. But then?? She goes on her journey and discovers things and HER CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. I was cheering for her so much at the end, I was like YESSSS!!!! YES CALISTA!!!! Believe in yourself!!!! 

I loved the story, I loved how fast paced it was. I was like WOAH during that night scene in the castle in the beginning (trying not to spoil too much, haha), SO MUCH TENSION. 

And then Kiran. Oh my god I love this red-headed ninja/mercenary man. THE BANTER between him and Calista A++++++++++. So good. His story arc, UGH. Hit me in the feels. Im so happy with what happened with him in the ending. I wanted him to be happy and [spoilery stuff]. 

Also. Balder could have just been a one note character. But you managed to flesh him out into this fascinating character. I still was yelling at him when he showed up on screen, but I felt bad about it, lol. CHARACTER DEPTH.   

I know this game's development process was very long and had a lot of roadblocks, but the finished product here? It's awesome. I love it. I wish more game were like it. 

Thank you so much for making this game!!!!!!


WHAT. THANK YOU SO MUCH! This means a lot to me Heiden, thank you for the lovely comment! <3

I first played the demo and have been waiting for the release of the full version. To my surprise when I checked again it was released! GREAT GAME. Love the amount of details and the hard work that was put in to this! Lovely play-through and I can't wait for more games from you, LegendEx. 

Cheers :)

Alright! *cracks knuckles* Let's do this!

Hi I just finished the demo and i was curious and wanted to ask if you had an estimated date of when the full game would be released?


Hi! Thanks for playing! I'm currently working on editing Kiran's route and I'm about halfway done. I don't have an exact date at the moment but for the most up to date information follow my twitter: LegendExG as that is updated most frequently. Thanks again! ❤

Ooh okay cool. Thanks for answering my question! :)

Full version is out now!

which one voices Kiran? My mom watched the game play videos I uploaded of Secret's untold and she thought he sounded familiar.

Hi! Kiran is played by Daniel Peet :)

I see, thank you for the help. :)

In the new version Kiran is voiced by Daniel Acosta!


Can I record this and upload the videos to youtube?

Yes, of course! I'd love for you to link back to the videos here so I can watch and share them :) 

I wasn't expecting that but thank you so much! and I will

I'm not a very popular youtuber but I hope you enjoy watching them.

here it is...I hope you like it

I am very open to any criticism so don't hold back

Thank you for sharing! I enjoyed watching it very much. I will be sharing it on my twitter! :D

thank you very much! I'm honored!

Cute game with great voice acting and a lot of good stuff in there. Looking forward to the full release!

Looks good. Interesting universe . Thanks for the demo!

Thanks for checking it out! :)