A downloadable visual novel for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Secrets Untold is an English Otome Game in the works. 


A baby was abandoned by her parents when she was born, and left on the steps of Castle Vestis. The life she was originally destined to would never see the light of day. She was raised by the maids in the servants quarters and names Calista. King Rory, despite his valiant efforts, could not keep his son Balder and the orphan girl from meeting. Eventually, the two feel in love and Balder proposed. It was an outrage to the entire Kingdom that young handsome prince would choose love over status. Tensions only seem to rise as the wedding quickly approaches. Three days before the big day, something goes awry, and Calista finds herself fighting for her freedom amongst a web of deceit. Will she trust the stranger from the feared organization, Shadow, who has come to help her? Or will she remain loyal to the prince? Can she find out who she really is, or will her past remain a secret untold?

The game takes place in the medieval land of Aurea. It is a nation plagued by fierce traditionalism. Aurea is made up of several different Kingdoms. Secrets Untold will focus on one Kingdom, Vestis and its royal family, the Parisis. The social hierarchy of Vestis is based solely on namesake. Calista’s surname is unknown, and thus, her power within the Kingdom is nonexistent, despite her relationship with the prince. 

The Demo Features:

  • Full Voice Acting
  • Two Endings
  • Multiple Choices
  • Custom GUI
  • 9,500 words
  • 35 minutes-1 Hour of gameplay (depending on how fast you read/what path you choose)
  • Original Sprite Art

The full game will include:

  • Full Voice Acting
  • Custom GUI
  • 10+ endings
  • Two full GxB routes (50k words each) and one side GxG route (5k+ words)
  • 11+ Characters (Original Sprite Art)
  • 5+ CGs

Meet the Team:

LegendEx [Write, Programmer and Project Lead]
Dahlia Wilder [Sprite and CG Artist]
Saibraeus [GUI artist]
TellerFarsight [Programmer]
Cait Powers, Sean Rogers, Daniel Peet, Vecna, Ironbar36, TheHornedWitch, JB Coleman, CaramelWolfie, Libby Moffett, Adoxographist, Jes Richards, Skye Blue, KaeGiroux [Voice Actors]

***Please note: A full list of credits is in the read me!***


SecretsUntoldDemo-1.0-pc.zip 116 MB
SecretsUntoldDemo.app.zip 101 MB

Development log


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Hi I just finished the demo and i was curious and wanted to ask if you had an estimated date of when the full game would be released?


Hi! Thanks for playing! I'm currently working on editing Kiran's route and I'm about halfway done. I don't have an exact date at the moment but for the most up to date information follow my twitter: LegendExG as that is updated most frequently. Thanks again! ❤

Ooh okay cool. Thanks for answering my question! :)

which one voices Kiran? My mom watched the game play videos I uploaded of Secret's untold and she thought he sounded familiar.

Hi! Kiran is played by Daniel Peet :)

I see, thank you for the help. :)

Can I record this and upload the videos to youtube?

Yes, of course! I'd love for you to link back to the videos here so I can watch and share them :) 

I wasn't expecting that but thank you so much! and I will

I'm not a very popular youtuber but I hope you enjoy watching them.

here it is...I hope you like it

I am very open to any criticism so don't hold back

Thank you for sharing! I enjoyed watching it very much. I will be sharing it on my twitter! :D

thank you very much! I'm honored!

Cute game with great voice acting and a lot of good stuff in there. Looking forward to the full release!

Looks good. Interesting universe . Thanks for the demo!

Thanks for checking it out! :)