IntRenAiMo 2019 [The Status of Secrets Untold]

This project has not seen love in some time and I apologize dearly for that. Secrets Untold was a project that I thought up 3 years ago. It was the first game I worked on and I learned an immense amount of stuff from. Since then many people have joined (and left) the project, I've been able to work on other amazing games and I learned a lot about how to project manage. This may sound like a goodbye, but it isn't. 

Secrets Untold has been a project that so many talented people have poured their all into, me included. I do not wish to see it disappear but it is not a good reflection of what me or the people who have worked on it are capable of. That being said- I am going to be joined by some talented people who will be helping me refine and fix what is already here and create a narrative experience that is worthy of the LegendEx Games fans. 

In order to do this, we are participating in IntRenAiMo 2019 (a game jam in order to complete a work in progress already started). We will be removing two routes completely: Garrick and Marigold's subsequent side route. In their place will be a much stronger route for Kiran. This is because of a few behind the scenes issues (that I really won't bore you with ) that prevent me from completing those routes to their fullest capacity in a way that is representative of what the team is capable of producing. The old voice acting will stay the same but we will be adding more voices to the mix in order to make the story come alive. Art may also seem some revamping, with new BG art and maybe even some sprites. We will also see the addition of a new musical soundtrack as a composer has come aboard to help us. 

At LegendEx Games my goal is to create stories that player will want to become lost in. Hopefully, the team will be able to pull this off in the upcoming month of March. If the deadline becomes extended we will let you know, but the plan is to have you be able date Kiran by March 31st! 

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