Secrets Unsung Rewrite

The original download for Secrets Unsung, a rockstar AU version of Secrets Untold, has been temporarily pulled. 


It is getting a remaster!

What the new version will include: 
> A fully rewritten script. It went from 25k words to 37k words. While some of the scenes are the same, they've been rewritten to a higher standard. 
> Partial Voice Acting for all characters (Cait Powers-Page, Daniel Acosta, Killian Poplyk and Robert S. Benjamin return as Calista, Kiran, Sir Taylor and King Rory respectively)
>New sprites! DahliaWilder was kind enough to draw some new sprites for the game's facelift! 
> Original music by Kowara and MonishCorona...with singing ;)

As the script is already written and the sprites are done, all that's left is coding and voice acting. I'm aiming for a January release with this one! 

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Jun 17, 2020

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