Walkthrough/Endings Guide

As per request, here is a walkthrough for each ending of the game! 

Liam's Love Ending

  • Any choice
  • Any choice
  •  Lunch with Liam and Mrs.V 
  • Any Choice
  •  Dad 
  • Any 
  • Liam is right OR Don't drag me into the middle of this. 
  • Talk to them
  • Yes to the movie with Liam
  •  Any choice 
  • Liam and Mrs.V
  • Help Liam and Mrs.V
  •  I work at Pirates Cove

Wyatt's Love Ending

  • Fine is my middle name
  • Any choice
  • Lunch with Brooke
  •  Any Choice 
  • Child
  • Want to see more of him 
  • I guess it was mildly entertaining
  • Wyatt is... surprisingly not annoying. 
  • Don't talk to them.
  • Let Wyatt handle it
  • Sit by Brooke
  • Help Wyatt and Brooke

Friend End

  • Any but "Fine is my middle name"
  • Any choice
  •  Any choice  
  • Any choice 
  • Any choice  
  • Don't want to run into him again 
  • Is that what you'd call it?  
  • Don't drag me into the middle of this 
  • Any 
  • Contact Amelia  
  • By myself 
  • Any choice  
  • (If picked Liam's event: I'd like to welcome you all)

Get Summer at Marisol Bay

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