A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Sew in Love was created in 2 months for the 2020 yuri game jam. The game is completely SFW and features a single GxG route. 


When Nova is invited to go to Riversone to support her friend in a cosplay competition, she thinks she's in for a stress free vacation. She doesn't account for her friend's old rivalry with the gorgeous social media goddess and cosplay queen, Imani Pierce. Things get heated quickly when Nova starts catching feels for the enemy. Can you help her maintain her friendships and still fall in love along the way? 

Appearances from Anjali from Snowdrop and Kyro and Brooke from Summer at Marisol Bay!

***Note: No prior knowledge of any of my games are necessary to enjoy this story! Though, if you'd like to see more of Riversone or find out about Kyro and Brooke's friendship you can do so in Snowdrop and/or Summer at Marisol Bay respectively. 


  • About 25k words of content (A single love interest)
  • Two endings and multiple choices
  • Partial voice acting from a talented cast 
  • Two CGs
  • Original sprites that blink!
  • Three originally composed songs (and others from CC)

Who Worked on the Game: 

  • Project Lead and Writer: LegendEx Games
  • Programmer: Shie
  • Sprite Artist : Ahwy
  • CG Artist: Yamielsun
  • Composer: Cyrus

The Voice Cast: 

  • Nova: Shiena
  • Imani: Angelique Lazarus 
  • Kyro: Edward A. Mendoza
  • Brooke:  Leader Looi
  • Anjali: Katie Otten


SewInLove-1.0-mac.zip 108 MB
SewInLove-1.0-pc.zip 125 MB

Development log


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Is no one else going to comment on the intro music-?? Btw really love the art style as well as the story line. The other two stories with these characters are equally as amazing. 

Thanks for playing the game (and the others in the series) . I appreciate your kind words! 

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Beautiful! I loved every line! And the artwork was superb! Thank you for making it!


Thank you so much for the nice comment. We're glad you enjoyed the game! 

Lovely art and unique premise!  Parts of this definitely took me back to my con days!

Thank you so much for playing. We're glad you enjoyed the experience! 

Very good and cute game. I realy like the CGs, sprites and the partial voice acting. 

2 endings? One bad and one good, right? I'm sure I just got the good one ♥

Thank you so much for playing. Glad you enjoyed it. There are 2 endings- friend and romance. So nothing inherently bad, but one is definitely sweeter than the other! 



I realy like the game but i cant seem to trigger the 2. ending. all of the different combinations seem to end the same.

Thank you so much for playing! I've created a walkthrough that will (hopefully) be helpful!

It's here.

Wow realy appreciate this :) Thank you

Of course, no problem!! I hope you enjoy the other ending! <3

Pretty Refreshing to look. The blinking animation and small voice acting is a good addition, making it feels more alive~

Still haven't encounter any choice, but I'll be looking forward next time.

Thank you so much for playing. I'm so glad you liked the extra touches!