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Snowdrops are the first flowers of the year to bloom. Their blossoming signifies the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Heat radiates from the snowdrop itself allowing the flower to melt the snow around it. Despite the harsh odds stacked against it, the snowdrop is able to flourish by creating an environment that it can thrive in. It is for this reason that the snowdrop is a symbol of hope. The dark times will end and, in their place, unmistakable warmth.


The memory of Lilah’s older brother plagues her and her mother during the Holiday season much more than any other time of the year. To escape the painful memories and growing silence, Lilah decides to work at her sister-in-law’s Inn for a few months. What she finds is certainly a distraction, but definitely not what she was expecting. World famous singer and Pop Star of the Year, Archer Lane, decides to rent out the entire Red Turtleneck Inn for the month. Its humble atmosphere and location is the perfect place for him to hide for the holidays and get some song writing done. Or, so he thinks.


The two strong-minded individuals don’t really account for each other in their plans, and instantly butt heads. When they’re forced to face what truly matters to them, will it bring them together or pull them further apart? Can these two seemingly lost individuals find a way to last the entire month and come out in one piece? 

Version 1 of the demo includes:

  • Partial voice acting (Archer is fully voiced!) 
  •  Multiple choices 
  • Calming music and stunning art
  • Custom GUI
  • Christmas Music including an original composition by Archer's VA
  • 3 unique characters with custom sprite art 
  • A strong willed female protagonist

The game was made possible thanks to these talented people:

  • Project Head/Writer: LegendEx Games
  • GUI Artist: Valhalla
  • Logo Artist: Assiduendo
  • Sprite Artist: Antares25
  • Programming: Marionette and Haruka Nami
  • Archer’s Voice: Sean Rogers
  • Anjali’s Voice: Katie Otten
  • Lilah’s Voice: Amber Barille
  • Train Conductor’s Voice: Feltheleb
  • Old Woman’s Voice: Rebekah Amber Clark


*For full credits, please check out the credits.txt provided in the game's folder *

Version 2 of the demo will include minor changes and fixes, as well as some additions including full voice acting for both Lilah and Anjali. 


Snowdrop_demo.app.zip 110 MB
Snowdrop_demo-0.8-pc.zip 127 MB


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cool cool

oooh another Demo! Is it alright if I record and upload this one too?

Totally! Go for it!

yay! I'll make sure to share it here :) Love you!

Thank you very much! ^_^ I look forward to seeing your video!