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Christmas at Marisol Bay was made in a month for Winter VN Jam 2020. It is a direct sequel to Summer at Marisol Bay and it's recommended that you play that one first for the complete experience.


Kyro usually spends Christmas Eve with his parents and younger sister, Nova. But this year the plans are different. Kyro and Nova find themselves spending Christmas Eve at Liam's house with Wyatt, Mrs.V, and her grandson, Stellan.  In this short Christmas themed side story, you decide who Kyro is dating (if anyone) and how he chooses to spend his evening. 

* Please note: There are three endings, one for each of the possible relationships Kyro can possess (dating Wyatt, dating Liam, and dating no one). The choices presented to the player are a means for you to customize what experience Kyro has, without barring you from a good ending. So, please make the choices that you find most interesting as each scene has multiple ways it can play out depending on who Kyro is romantically involved with. 


  • 13k words, continuing your romance with Liam and/or Wyatt. There's also the ability to remain single. 
  • Three endings.
  • Partial voice acting. 
  • Re-occuring characters from the Marisol Bay Universe, including Nova and Mrs.V!
  • Multiple ways a single scene can play out based on who you choose to date (or not date!)
  • Different outfit variations for Kyro.
  • Winter/Christmas themed music! 

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This game was made possible thanks to these amazing people: 

  • LegendEx (Writer and Project Manager)
  • Ahwy (Sprite and CG Artist)
  • Heiden (GUI Artist)
  • Shie (Programmer)
  • Edward Mendoza (Voice of Kyro)
  • Shiena (Voice of Nova) 
  • John Patneaude (Voice of Wyatt)
  • Zack Maher (Voice of Liam)
  • Darius T. Jackson (Voice of Stellan)
  • Kat Peterson (Voice of Mrs.V)
  • Ashe Thurman (Voice of Kyro's Mom)
  • Ryan Hoyle (Voice of Kyro's Dad)

Additional CC assets were used. You can find out more info in the Credits.txt file in the game's folder. 

*Stellan's voice will be added in a later update.

Page Background Image Credit: Pattern vector created by mokoland - www.freepik.com

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(28 total ratings)
AuthorLegendEx Games
GenreVisual Novel
TagsBoys' Love, Christmas, Narrative, Romance, side-story, Slice Of Life, Story Rich


CaMB-1.2-mac.zip 62 MB
CaMB-1.2-pc.zip 80 MB
CaMB Credits.txt 1 kB

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played this today! really liked it, cause i loved the main game as well! the interactions were so cute and i love how they're trying to better their relationship. i just hope wyatt and liam get to make new christmas traditions as brothers and i also loved to the wholesome moments between kyro and both of them respectively. i kinda would love to see more about stellan as well, so i wouldn't mind a story for him as well :D


Thank you so much for playing and leaving a comment! The Marisol Bay series is such a fun one to write. I'd love to return to it one day (soon hopefully...) 😉

Have a wonderful holiday season and thank you for leaving a comment!!

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It's March, but celebrating Christmas with Liam and Wyatt is quite something lmao. Liam's route is my favorite as always cause he's such a sweetheart. I hope he gets his own little restaurant or something. He deserves it :)) Nova is really cute as well, I'm looking forward to playing her story with her gf. Stellan, on the other hand, is kinda of an ass sometimes which is understandable his frustration, but also lowkey hurtful :(. He's super sweet tho when he starts talking about fish. Overall, it was super cute like always lol. 

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I didn't expect you guy to make sequel for Marisol Bay at all! It's nice to meet them again.

i like this game !