A downloadable visual novel for Windows, macOS, and Linux

When We Were Monsters was made in a single month for the Spooktober 2021 Jam. 


When did the world crumble? Was it all in a single night, or did it happen over time as people whittled away at it day by day?  If you ask Casper he'll tell you that he's not quite sure of the answer himself.  However, no matter how it happened, the world is now overrun with monsters and Casper finds himself as the unofficial father figure to a quiet and mysterious young girl.

Follow the pair on their journey through the remains of Palmeno City,  a once bustling town now destroyed by the wear and tear of the apocalypse. What will happen when Casper and Fifteen come face to face with one of the monsters that ended the lives they once knew? 

When We Were Monsters is a tale of growing bonds, self discovery, and more. 


  • 12k words (1+ hours of play time)
  • Three endings
  • Full Voice Acting
  • Custom GUI and Sprite art
  • A totally spooky  cute monster! 
  • Dad Jokes

                                                                                                              ... and more! 

Meet the Team: 

This game would not be possible without these amazing people:


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Uuuuuuuuuuuu fully voice acted~

Quite interesting, kind of reminds me of the game or stories I read back~

Also damn adore fifteen hair design O-O

Part 2~! Honestly, I'm confused :P

At what the whole lore is butttt I guess that adds the charm to the end of the world mystery??? Which is cool @_@

And yeah, it's the end....


The tears :(


(spoilers in comment)

This was a very cute (albeit kind of sad) read and gosh I'd love to see more of this world because it was very intriguing and up my alley. 

The monster creature was so cute though im kind of sad that allowing Fifteen to get close to it makes her and the thing disappear from Casper's life (I was hoping they could all get together and travel together at the end but alas,,, it was not meant to be in the endings ive seen gfhjgf)

The writing was so very good and the voice-acting really fit the characters too. I also like how you made the characters feel down to earth and fitting to their environment while also creating a sense of unease and uncertainty about this world (even to the point I felt unsure about the monster despite wanting it to be a companion because gosh it looks so cute but then it takes off with Fifteen and leaves Casper behind and...>0<)

Good job to everyone who created this i'd love to see more of this world if possible but at the same time I think this contained narrative works just as well :D

Thank you for the kind comment! We're really glad that you enjoyed our game. There are three different endings, and one may give you the outcome you're looking for! In order to trigger it you'll need to have a high comfort score with the monster, so try to gather as many items as possible. Searching the cars may help with this.

I can make a proper walkthrough soon, but I'm glad that you enjoyed playing the game and took the time to write us a lovely comment!