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I'm so sad that I will never be able to experience this game for the first time again

Yesss!!!  This was pretty darn good!  It was relatable, fun, interesting and it was amusing to see Wyatt's shirts change. XD

I like all the characters and will most likely remember them for a while, including their personalities.

The story is heartwarming and the lesson is really good.  I may have guessed the twist, but that didn't matter...  Because it was just good nonetheless.

Oh and also the choices being pretty straightforward?  Hell yes!

And the relationships?  No brutal drama.  No one being petty.  With the confessions being sweet and lovely.

Love it.  Deserves the praise.  Kudos!


Hello, I played Christmas story before Summer one. It was an interesting experience and I think I should include that.

For now, I went for Wyatt's route and I'm really happy to see a character that written so alike to me. I've never felt a character so close to myself and realistic at the same time. It's easy to kin charas from non slice of life games. So, in my opinion, writers did a great job. (No, I'm not biased towards the game because it literally let's me date myself. Or maybe I am who knows.) 

I liked the voice acting and sprites. Story is quite short (I've finished one route in three days, playing in my free time.) and enjoyable. It balanced pretty well, I don't find it overbearing with unimportant details.

Also, game is chill on mlm relationships. It's nice to dive into the world of unexisting homophobia. Thank you for the game <3


I just finished playing both routes of the game and I adore the characters so much. The whole time I was gushing over how sweet Mrs. V is for giving Kryo her bagel lmao. I loved Liam's interactions the most because his side of the story seems so real and heartwarming once he starts opening up. Overall, I love this story and I'm very glad I took time to play it :)) It's also very impressive this was all made in 2 months. 


Thank you so much for checking out our game and for leaving us a comment. I'm so glad that you enjoyed Summer at Marisol Bay! If you'd like to keep playing Kyro's story, we have two spin offs: Christmas at Marisol Bay (a direct sequel, Kyro goes to dinner at Mrs.V's house for the holidays) or Sew in Love which follows Kyro's sister! He and Brooke make an appearance in that game as well. 

Anyway, thank you again for the lovely comment! 


You had me at going to Mrs. V's house for the holidays lol. I'm about to play the sequel rn :)))) 

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Hello! Thank you for the interest in our game. I'm so sorry it didn't work. We tested it on another computer and ran into the same error, so the mistake was on our end. We've uploaded a new file ( which should work! If not, you may need to change permission. And if that doesn't work again...please let me know and I'll try to fix it for you! 

Thank you for your patience! 

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Thanks so much! Glad you're enjoying the game. If you're interested in continuing the story, we have a free Christmas side story (Christmas at Marisol Bay) that we just released! 


A really nice and well-made game, think I found treasure when scanning for games in the tags.

(Spoilers below)
I had quite an interesting experience playing this game lol
I just went through Wyatt's route. When Liam and Wyatt both spoke about divorced parents, I was already starting to think that there may be something interesting here. When Wyatt was talking about his brother and all the similar experiences, I was thinking: It can't be, can it? Oh no no no, it can't be, now you tell me they're brothers, maybe next you'll tell me their unmentioned father is the owner of the resort, heheh. ( I saw absolutely no hints when I had that thought! It was just a sudden thought and I even laughed at myself for it....) ...And the rest of the story is easy to guess.


Thank you so much for playing and we're glad you enjoyed the game! 

I hope the "secret" was a pleasant surprise ;)


I'm amazed this was done in only 2 months! I loved the atmosphere and all of the characters - especially Brooke, she is too cute <3 Heart-warming and good fun, this game perfectly captures the feeling of summer. I did get sad and even a little teary-eyed at the end as the game and real life summer both came to an end. Also the relationships were cute and felt very natural! 


Thank you so much for playing and leaving a comment! I'm glad you enjoyed your time with the game! <3

I think, i'm in love with Wyatt and Brooke remind me my bff :) very good game but i want more :p

Thank you! Glad you liked it!

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Oh wow, how can you guy did this much in such a short time? So cool! Definitely check this out later!

We worked super hard to make this game. it wasn't easy but we did it! Thanks so much for leaving a comment :)

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I finish it. It was fun! And I figure our LIs was [spoiler] easily~ I love Brooke and Mrs.V~

Thank you so much for playing!


AAAHH this was SO MUCH FUN!! I love Wyatt's hawaiian shirts and his dad jokes. His confession line had me rolling, hahaha. And loovveeed Liam's stern exterior but then he opened up in the end. 

I loved the little hints of who certain characters were. About half-way through I went, "Wait a minute..." and then I was so excited to see I was right.

Thank you so much for making this gem of a game. I had so much fun playing it!!!

Thank you so much for the wonderful comment Glad you enjoyed our game!