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When a 22 year old college graduate, Lilah Scott, decides to  become a full time filmmaker, she is disappointed by the lack of support her first movie receives. Hoping to get out of her slump and find some inspiration, she accepts the offer to work at her sister in law, Anjali’s, hotel in the beautiful mountain town of Riversone for the winter. The isolation in the snowy mountains is bound to help her inspiration…right?

What Lilah doesn’t account for is the pesky guest, Archer Lane (world famous singer), who decides to rent out the entire Red Turtleneck Inn for the month. Its humble atmosphere and location is the perfect place for him to hide for the holidays and get some song writing done. Except, he’s a lot more high maintenance than he lets on and Lilah isn’t having it. 

What could possibly go wrong?

Snowdrop is a winter themed english otome game with a single route and multiple endings. 

The demo features:

  • Partial Voice Acting (Archer is fully voiced!) 
  • Multiple Choices
  • Calming music and stunning art
  • 3 unique characters with custom sprite art
  • Female Protagonist

****A full list of credits comes packed with the game files. Please check it out!***

Enjoy the demo and let me know what you think.  All feedback is appreciated immensely! The full game is slated to release early January.

Find out more about my games at LegendExGames.tumblr.com


SnowdropDemoPC.zip 60 MB
SnowdropDemoMac.zip 44 MB

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