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Huh, there's a game about me now? Neat.

Never experienced a game like this before, and am excited to give it a try! Thank you for exposing me to a new genre of gaming!

I finally got to it!! I only did the first chapter, but I'll finish it on my own time and move on to Secrets Untold >_<

Very nicely done! I loved the subtle voice acting touches, the art, the story, everything!


Thank you so much for the lovely comment! 

Very interesting and original story, that's for sure. Good job!

Thank you so much! 

Reminding myself to play this when I get a chance!

Great quality game overall, between graphics and sounds, honestly did such an amazing job I was astonished by the game play. Very well made, can't wait to play more from the author. :)

So proud to have been a part of this project!!! <3