A downloadable Visual Novel for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Delphine's Discovery was made in two months for Otome Jam 2021. 


Mystery, Thriller, Romance, Otome, Investigation

Need a walkthrough? Find one here.


The Karras family has had a monopoly over the delivery service in Interstice for decades. Though, this quickly becomes threatened when transport droids  begin to be tested at the old abandoned Little Voices Orphanage. In an attempt to save her family's business, Delphine Karras ventures out into the forbidden property to investigate. With a mysterious stranger and an unsolved murder investigation looming overhead, Delphine finds herself in an unexpected predicament. 

Help Delphine save her family's business, solve a murder case, and fall in love!  

*** Please Note: 

Delphine's Discovery IS NOT a horror game. There are no jump scares.   It contains comedic, dramatic, and mysterious scenes. However, please be mindful that there is mention of extreme violence, death, murder, blood, and other dark themes. Some of the backgrounds do contain blood but you will never see a drawn depiction of death/someone dying. 


  • 31k words (estimated 3 hours of playtime)
  • Point and click investigation elements
  • Partial voice acting
  • 3 endings 
  • A nameable drone companion
  • One romance route (with a  flirty love interest)
  • Original sprite and CG art

                                                                       ... and more!

Meet the Team:

Voice Actors: 

Additional CC assets used. Check the credits.txt for more info! 

(Game page background from:  Texture Vectors by Vecteezy)


DelphinesDiscovery-1.0-mac.zip 106 MB
DelphinesDiscovery-1.0-pc.zip 138 MB
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Development log


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I have managed to finish the end of Delphine's Discovery!  You can watch the whole playthrough in this playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrYuc1W8SHq_yOvKGHVBq6pfQJPBN5BIJ

It was a mysterious and cute ride, with nice interactions between the two protagonist along with a lovely and practical ending. The story was lovely, along with investigation process that uncovers the mystery gradually. I love the VA! Though I thought it would be nice to have it more connected to the scene, in a way. Maybe more voice lines, or less voice lines in some scenes. Sometimes the voice lines popped up in random scenes, which confuses me a little, since it often did not seemed like important scenes.

Eitherway, it was a great experience and I look forward to your next game!

THIS GAME WAS SO WELL MADE AAA This game just holds a VERY special place in my heart, the art was chef's kiss, not to mention, the story and the voice acting was so beautiful. It truly made so sad and happy all at the same time!  I wish you all the very best for your future games!

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alright.. delpine's drone (i named him Bubble Butt) is so cute

and Dei exactly my type x3 

.... it's so sad though!!!!  (just glad i got the best ending, geez)

Fun game, definitely no regrets about playing. Wishing you well in future projects, because the story pulled at my heartstrings in all the right ways and the art was great.

Hope you have a nice week!

Allen robot is best robot :)

i named him Bubble Butt x3


This is quite a pretty game! From the characters to the UI. The investigation parts were refreshing for a VN and I liked the mistery. 

I think the VAs are fine, but having entire sentences be voiced in between pauses was kinda weird (kind of takes me out of immersion?) as opposed to having the characters usually voice 1/2 words of every dialogue box.

The story is nice. As a reader, trying to solve a murder and being shown other hints made for an enjoyable unraveling of the plot. Only thing that I did not quite agree with is a small part from the true ending;;

Thank you!


Thank you so much for your comment! Noted about the true ending, you bring up a great point and we'll look into changing it if we decide to update the game.

Thank you again for playing!

An interesting mystery I thoroughly enjoyed.  I covered it in Part 3 of my Otome Jam reviews! C: Starts at 0:53.

I really appreciate seeing this! Thanks for playing. 

You're most welcome.  Have a good one!


Wooow, I was not expecting this game to make me so feelsy!  I expected at least some level of enjoyment, but that True Love Ending hit me hard enough that I teared up!


<3 Thank you for the kind comment, hope the feels were worth it!

They were absolutely!

Finally got around finishing this. I liked it! I named my droid Sharky, to mirror Delphine. :) I really enjoyed the investigations, they're a neat feature! Delphine's and Dei's banter was fun to watch. Great job!

Sharky! That's so cute. Thank you for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed your time with the game. 


This game made my heart hurt, really good job.

The 3rd ending killed me but the 2nd killed me even more, I really liked the best end. Very sweet, amazing art, please make more games I would play them all.

***kinda spoilers then actually spoilers***


Also Dei can totally get it, flirty but actually sweet and kinda dorky boys are my kryptonite. If you flirt with me a bunch but get blushy/bashful when I flirt back I will FALL IN LOVE. I just wanna wrap him up in a giant hug and make him feel loved. <3 Such a sweetie and his backstory is so sad. I'm glad he has an ending where his name gets cleared and he isn't remembered as a murderer and potential pedo (jeez that company dude can go fuck himself amirite?).

The 'clues' were vague and different enough that I didn't totally get what happened until near the end, which is really nice. I figured out he was a ghost early on, but with how long it went without being revealed I started to second-guess myself. I deeply appreciate games that have clues that make sense at the end but leave you guessing during, wonderful job with that imo. The different power level of ghosts was a cool concept too (does it have to do with age, or the intensity of left over feelings, or something intangible?).

His lil sis was so cute and I almost wish that there was a longer epilogue where you got to see everyone together happy family style. But the ending y'all did was beautiful and left me sated and feeling many things.


Ahh, thank you for the wonderful and well thought out comment! Really glad you enjoyed your experience with the game (and want us to make more!) 

**** (Spoiler below....) ****

As for energy level with the ghosts- that has a bit to do with age as well as the connection to the manor. Hera wasn't around the place as long as Dei was, so he had a lot more pent up emotions about the place. 


I named my drone Beepo :) game of the year 10/10


Of the year!? Cheers!

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Just finished the game!! I really love it, I even cried at the end because of... it was angsty wahhh there are lots I want to comment on but it might be spoiler:( The sprites and art in the true end is gorgeous, they look like Greek God and Goddess in the end ahaha

On another note, the whole game really made me step out of my comfort zone by abandoning my 'stranger danger' principle and blindly trust the 'totally not suspicious dude who came out of nowhere in a suspicious abandoned mansion', yeah. There are lots instances where I just want to doubt Dei because DUUDEE if it's in real life you won't really be able to trust someone in that kind of situation, if you value your life. But it is a fiction, so I'll risk Delphine's life.


Honestly, me too! Would never venture into an abandoned orphanage with a stranger, even as cute as Dei. But, it worked out in the end for Delphine I'd say. 

Thanks for playing and leaving us a comment! 


I see there's a walkthrough for the endings, but will there be a walkthrough for the point-and-click sections?  It's kinda hard to know what/where to click at those parts. . . Maybe it's just me lol.


Added to the walkthrough post here: https://legendex-games.itch.io/delphines-discovery/devlog/269294/walkthrough-end... 


Thank you!

i can´t play it :( when i open the game and i click on start it closes the game completely and i don´t know why 

Are you playing on Mac or PC? Sometimes antivirus software will mark the game falsely as a virus, so please check to see if that's happening. It may prevent you from playing! 

In a Pc ok I will try without the antivirus 


I'm currently trying to play the game but somehow I'm stuck in the first bloody kitchen place... I've already clicked three objects (wall, pan, box), there's nothing else that I can click but I can't seem to get out of it... I'm literally clicking every objects but nothing happened, please help ;-;


Hello! You've got to click the faucet/nozzle on the far left of the screen in the sink. It's fairly small 😅 We apologize about that! 


Ahhh I must’ve missed that, thank you so much!


I was stuck too, but I found that you have to click one more object, which is a faucet/sink at the left. It could use a bigger clickable area to make it easier to spot. Good luck!


Fellow sufferers! Ahaha thank you so much


Added point and click walkthroughs here: https://legendex-games.itch.io/delphines-discovery/devlog/269294/walkthrough-end... 


The sprites in this are absolutely gorgeous :3 I wish I had my own little drone in real life, haha. I didn't manage to get all of the endings, so I'll have to check out the walkthrough.

I loved the investigation elements. I'm generally not a fan of minigames, stat raising, and pretty much anything that isn't just pure story when it comes to VNs cos they tend to take me out of being immersed in the tale, but I feel like the investigation stuff added to the immersion of the mystery here! Very clever stuff :3


I've managed to get 2/3 endings! Though, one was sad and the other was disappointing (Because of outcome, the dialogue was amazing!). I will be trying to get the last one, this game is really enjoyable in most ways! I hope this game and others like it get more recognition throughout!


i've only obtained 1/3 of the endings but it's alr so nice (and sad.) and i really wanna try getting the other endings (kinda difficult if u ask me, heh) the game, plotline, character designs n literally everything was so nice :( i hope more cool games like these get more recognition!!


This game moved me to tears. I loved the story and characters so much. The artwork and the voice acting was incredible too.

Thank you for making such a wonderful game!


Ahh, thank you so much for your comment! I'm really glad that you enjoyed our game! <3


Just finished playing and, oh man, it was so good!

It managed to keep me on edge for all the game, I wanted to keep playing to discover every bit of the story. Really great work!

The music and artwork are also marvelous, I can't really stop saying how good it was-

At the moment I've only obtained the Friendship ending, I'm actively trying to find all the others hahaha


Thank you so much for the lovely comment! Glad you're enjoying the game 🥰

I'll be posting a walkthrough in a little bit to get the true love ending as I know it's a little tricky!