Walkthrough (Endings Guide)

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for your interest in Delphine's Discovery. I'm providing a walkthrough to help you reach the ending you'd like to see, as well as what to point and click in order to move the story forward. Will contain minor spoilers, be warned!

Point and Click:

  • Kitchen:
    • Click the sink to the left, the wall to the right, the pan in the center, and the box on the bottom right. 
      • Any order!
  • Bedroom:
    • Click the vanity and click the curtains.
      • Any order!
  • Office (Investigation 1)
    • Click the book shelf to the left, click the tea table
      • Any order!
  • Office (Investigation 2)
    • Click the desk, click the couch
      • Any order!

Ending #1 Kinda Sus: The Bad End

  • To trigger this ending you'll need to tell Dei that you're suspicious of him when he asks to leave. Then, when you're alone you'll need to choose that ultimately you don't trust him. The other choices do not matter.

Ending #2: True Love Ending

In order to get the true love ending you'll need to get every choice "correct" as follows: 

  • "Throw Something as a Distraction"
  • "Sneaking Up From Behind"
  • "Ask about His Hair
  • During the bedroom investigation, ask about his past.
  • "I'm Scared by Myself"
  • "I Trust Dei"
  • Yes, you missed Dei :)
  • "I'm Sorry, Dei"
  • "I Know the Truth About You!" 

Ending #3: Friendship Ending

To trigger this ending you'll need to make at least one "wrong" choice that's different from the list above. DO NOT pick "It's Suspicious to Run Off On Your Own" or "I Do Not Trust Dei."

That's it.  Happy ending hunting! 

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I loved the music and the art. The game it's pretty good, I really wanted to know what happened at the orphanage and who exactly was Dei. I was invested! But the ending...
On Friendship ending I was pretty satisfied with everything, despite Delphine just deciding to hide their discoveries about the mansion, that doesn't make sense. 
I played the "True Love Ending" with hopes to "fix" that, but I honestly regret that decision.
That thing with making Delphine getting married and having children, die and two second later be with another man it's upsetting and disrespectful in my opinion. Playing this ending left a sour taste in my mouth and unfortunately makes me like the characters much less T_T

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Pros: Such a beautiful game, I really love games with a good story, interesting characters and a well developed MC. I preferred the friendship ending as my heart shattered thinking about poor Dui and the husband in the romance one.

Cons?: I didn't really like the wording about how he couldn't give children as many people alive can't do that either, I would like to believe that I would still be worth holding on to regardless of whether I could pop out kids or not but that is very minor. 

Overall, great mini game!


same, i don't even want kids at all.


I just saw the ending scene of the romance ending and it is SO BEAUTIFUL AND WELL DRAWN-

the art style and story is amazing, I hope you guys can and will continue making amazing games!