A downloadable visual novel for Windows and macOS

A Forsaken Place was made in a month for Nanoreno 2021.  Need a walkthrough? Click here.


Centuries ago, Ingrid the Great waged war on demonkind with the power of black magic and won. Demons were banished to the underworld where they could no longer harm humanity with their wicked ways.  Or, so the legend goes.  

After finding her great ancestor's journal, Titania wants to become the greatest enchantress to ever live. So naturally, she summons the Demon Prince, Asmodeus, using Ingrid's notes. What could go wrong? 

Romance, befriend, or even make an enemy of Asmodeus. Will you be able to uncover the truth about the relationship between humanity and demonkind, or will you be left in the dark? 

A Forsaken Place Features:

  • Around 25k words of content.
  • Ability to romance Asmodeus.
  • 3 endings and multiple choices.
  • Partial voice acting from a talented cast.
  • Original sprite art and multiple CGs.

                                                                    ... and more! 

Please Note: A Forsaken Place contains minor swearing and discusses sensitive topics like torture and war. 

Meet the Team:

  • Project Lead, Producer, Writer: LegendEx Games
  • Sprite and CG Art: Ahwy
  • Dagger Art: Red Chan
  • Programming and Voice Audio Editing: Cats on a LilyPad Studio
  • Script Editing: Ray Nadeau  and Skyeblue
  • Voice of Titania: Sandrine Price
  • Voice of Asmodeus: Allen Chan
  • Voice of Ingrid: Bryn Curry
  • Voice of Demon King: Ryan Hoyle
  • Premade GUI by Jaime Scribbles 

Additional CC assets used. Check the credits.txt for more info! 

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(94 total ratings)
AuthorLegendEx Games
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
TagsFantasy, Female Protagonist, Magic, Otome, Romance, Story Rich


AForsakenPlace-1.0-mac.zip 110 MB
AForsakenPlace-1.0-pc.zip 148 MB
Credits_A_Forsaken_Place.txt 2 kB

Development log


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This was a short and very interesting game. I liked the story but even the good ending was bitter sweet.  

Such a Good game! I love the music so much!


asmodeus deserves the WORLDDD, this game is SO GOOD made me cry, i cant believe the hurt asmodeus went through, i love how you took the concept of demons, which are inherently seen as bad in our world and turned it into 'actually.. theyre good people, better than us' i love love love the game, its so touching and im still tearing up at it, makes me think how we, as people always label things as 'bad' and 'evil' when theyre not, im gonna miss you asmodeus and i really really hope you find peace, i know you will <3 bless your fingers author, i really really hope the world's treating you well<3

Hi, I'm having a little problem while running this game, the above error keeps popping up when I try running the game, could you perhaps help me with this issue?


Hello! I'm so sorry this is happening for you. I did a quick search and I believe this may have to do with rendering due to the version of ren'py that we used. This fix was taken from the website : https://www.renpy.org/doc/html/problems.html Do let me know if it helps!

It says: "Older versions of Ren'Py supported a software renderer, but this has been removed.

A small fraction of systems may experience problems when running hardware accelerated Ren'Py games. These problems are often due to buggy graphics drivers, and so your first step to fixing them should be to check for an update to your graphics card drivers.

If upgrading your video drivers does not fix the problem, you should consider switching video renderers, using the following steps.

  1. Hold down Shift while starting Ren'Py, or press Shift+G once Ren'Py has started.
  2. From the "Graphics Acceleration" menu that appears, choose the renderer to use.
  3. Choose "Quit", then restart Ren'Py.

We suggest trying the GL and ANGLE renderers. The GLES renderers may not function on desktop hardware." 

Really enjoyed this, both Titania and Asmodeus are cute, the art, music, voicing, writing, and story are all nice. Finished in about 2h but couldn't figure out the best ending on my own. I found the dagger "puzzles" interesting, also the demon tale of the looping stairs.


Thank you so much for playing and we're so glad you enjoyed the game! 

I want my own dagger of banishment now :D


Aaa I truly enjoyed this! The voice acting too- I can't help but try to mimic them (and failing miserably, but I had fun anywayy). As usual, I would always happen to get the 'normal' ending first which would be the banishment ending ;; Not that it's a bad thing though! At least it wasn't the wicked ending ahahah. The storyline was really interesting, getting to unravel the truth and know more about the demon prince. (Poor Asmodeus though, what happened to him and his wing was truly unfortunate. </3)


I do not even know what to say. It's perfect. To be honest, I didn't expect anything special from this game when I downloaded it, but I really liked it. I love this novel

Thank you for creating this! ♥♥♥


Perfect!? Ah, thanks so much! I appreciate the kind words. Thanks for giving our little game a chance.


Well, this game has only one drawback, it ended too quickly. I want more 。゚(TヮT)゚。

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im having some trouble it isnt working for me it keeps teling me AForsakenPlace quit unexpectedly I'm using MacOS btw 

Hello! I believe that's a bug associated with the newest ren'py version and MacOS. I found this thread that may be useful:


Please let me know if the problem still persists.

just putting it here~

I must say I love the chemistry between the highly intelect Titania and the proud Asmodeus. Also the voice acting is superb!

Thanks for this Let's Play and the kind words!! Glad you enjoyed your experience playing our game.

Part 2! Starting our journey! And the more I play it, the more hopeless Titania seems to become....

Part 3. She has ascended.

Final episode! I've finally finished playing it! Took a while since I'm busy! But oh my that's a turn upside down ending, from a wholesome and cheerful journey to that. My mistake though, I did make bad choice at the start of the game?

It's written nicely, the background music is on spot, but most importantly the voice acting are magnificent and fun! Though sprites are limited, unlike BRFYH, but still good nonetheless and shows a lot of hardwork behind it!


A great Visual Novel. Loved the art and the story.

Thank you for playing and posting a video! 

Dang, good job for making me cry, really enjoyed it :"D 5/5 stars would play again and not being mean to Asmo so that I would never reach the Wicked end (ever, i can't anyway cuz I don't want to). Anyways thanks for the walkthrough! I'm also looking forward to the full version of Battle Royale: FYH~

Ah! Thanks for playing! Glad you had a good time, and Asmo is best demon boy...can't change my mind haha

Also excited that you can't wait for BRFYH. Make sure you're following our Twitter (@BRForYourHeart) for the most up to date information on the game! 

Wow, that was something! The VN is awesome. I like the plot, twists and characters so badly. These endings...oh my...just was going to read something short and light before sleep and now what do I do with my inner drama? (it's ok, can handle this...oh, can I?) Anyway, thanks for the gorgeous VN, you did great! ;)

Thank you so much for the kind words and hopefully we didn't hurt your heart too much! We appreciate you deciding to check out our game! 

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I hate this, I hate this for making me cry, why did he have to do that to my poor heart..?

Thanks for playing! <3

This was such a wonderful game! Everything detail was absolutely perfect, from the art, moving music, talented voices, and more. Thank you for creating this! 

Thank you so much, I'm so glad that you enjoyed it! <3