Hello everyone! Thanks for downloading and playing our game, we really appreciate it. Below is a walkthrough of how to get each of the three endings. 

Ending #1: Wicked Ending 

Choice 1: Power

Choice 2: He can rot here for all I care.

Choice 3: Ingrid

Choice 4:  I need to gain his trust to get my way

Choice 5: (Can choose either altar or stained glass)

Choice 6: (Can read book or not)

Choice 7: (Can choose to keep reading or not)

Choice 8: Fine, keep your secrets then. 

Choice 9: Look For Asmodeus 

Choice 10: Zap him with a thunder spell.

Choice 11: Any choice on the steps
Choice 12:  Search anywhere

Choice 13: Use it for conjuring or cloning spell

Choice 14: I was starting to get information from him. 

Choice 15: Don't trust him. 

Ending #2: Banished Ending

Choice 1: Any

Choice 2: He wants me to leave, so I will.

Choice 3: Any

Choice 4: Any

Choice 5:  Any

Choice 6: Don't Read Book

Choice 7: (If you read the book, you can press no to keep reading here)

Choice 8: Nevermind.

Choice 9: Try to sleep OR Look for Asmodeus -> go back to the campsite

Choice 10: Any 

Choice: 11: Any

Choice 12: I'm not sure. 

Choice 13: He's angry at me. 

Choice 14:  Any

Ending #3: True Love Ending

Choice 1: Knowledge

Choice 2:  There's no use agitating him anymore. 

Choice 3: Asmodeus

Choice 4: I don't want him here against his will. 

Choice 5: (Can choose either altar or stained glass)

Choice 6: Read Book (Yes)

Choice 7: Keep Reading (Yes)

Choice 8: I'm not heartless.

Choice 9: Look for Asmodeus

Choice 10: Hit him with an ice spell. 

Choice 11 and 12: Choose any. 

Choice 13: Keep it as a memento 

Choice 14: I was enjoying getting to know him. 

Choice 15: Trust Him. 


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