Finally we've got a walkthrough available for Wrapped With a Kiss!

There are two endings. The "true love" ending extends a scene beyond the regular ending. You'll know you triggered it if "December 24th" becomes a playable day. 

To get this ending is a little tricky, but here are the answers you'll need to pick to achieve it:

  • Choose a Nickname: Any
  • Any hot cocoa flavor 
  • What did you get? 
  • Uh... 
  •  F Sandy G 
  • But I'm always sleepy... 
  • Let me speak!  
  • Link my arms with his. 
  • Hold in a laugh 
  • Open carefully  
  • Answer the phone 
  •  Good to know. 
  • Your work reminds me of something.  
  •  We Would 
  • I hope everything is okay.
  •  Share the peppermint  
  • Arms stretched wide  
  • Yeah, I noticed it too. 
  •  I like having you around too.  
  • Any pets? 
  • Tell him.


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