Full Game (Beta Version) is out now!

Merry Christmas everyone! The full version of Snowdrop is avialble to play in beta. The team tried our hardest to get a complete and prsitine game out to you guys by the Holiday but it was proving to be impossible. So, instead of cramming and not celebrating with our families, we decided to give you what we have. 

This version of Snowdrop is complete story wise. You can play to the end (with two endings!) What we didn't have time to implement was the voices and we couldn't do a final sweep for grammar issues either.  So, there are only some voices and you may come across a stray comma or minor bug. 

If there is a bug that renders the game unplayable or ruins immersion, please do not hesitate to let us know! In the coming days (or maybe weeks) we will be releasing an update with voices for all of Anjali's lines, some of Archer's lines, and all of the minor characters' lines. Lilah's voice acting will come at a later date. The next update will also include some small bug and grammar fixes as well as a custom launch icon! 

I will also be releasing Archer's original song (a rendition of Auld Lang Syne by Sean Rogers) for free download and a walk-through to reach the romance ending which may be a bit hard to do on the first play through (you have to choose every answer correctly).

Anyway, we hope you enjoy this game!  If you like my games, leave a comment, rate the game and/or by me a ko-fi!

Happy Holidays!


Snowdrop Full Game (Beta) PC 138 MB
Dec 25, 2018
Snowdrop Full Game (Beta) MAC 121 MB
Dec 25, 2018

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