Huge Update!

Snowdrop is OFFICIALLY out of beta!  

With this update, we added: 

  • Full voice acting for Anjali Scott and Archer Lane (voiced by Katie Otten and Sean Rogers respectively)
  • Voice acting for extra characters (including the talents of Edward James, Starleeter, Elisa Park, Minh Ton, and Gabe James)
  • An additional locked scene. Playing through the game I realized it was impossible to unlock a certain scene, so I've made it playable in this update. 
  • New backgrounds! These backgrounds reflect the Red Turtleneck Inn shown in Sew in Love. There are also additional backgrounds that match the overall aesthetic of the game much better. 
  • More music and more scenes with music.  The beta version seemed to be devoid of music in a lot of places so we added in more, including some royalty free holiday music. 
  • Smoother transitions. No more abruptly stopping music or switching to scenes with no animations. 
  • Grammar fixes...for the most part. Additional fixes will be added in another update. 
  • We've also added a new tagline, cover image, and updated the game's page a bit. 

Snowdrop is not complete yet! There will be one more additional update which will include full voice acting for Lilah Scott and add in additional lines missing for Willis. It will also include additional sound effects and more grammar/audio fixes. 

I wanted to get this current update out before Christmas, so there are still a few things missing. But overall, it should be playable from beginning to end with no problem. We hope you enjoy playing it! 

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Dec 23, 2020 158 MB
Dec 23, 2020

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