A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

In this short post apocalyptic visual novel, follow a mute girl and her dog. You will go on an adventure to gather ingredients in an attempt to throw your dog a birthday celebration! This game was made in 12 days for the Post Apocalyptic Game Jam 2017.  This game acts as the prologue for a much longer visual novel in the works for a future release. 


  • Nameless protagonist
  • Nameable dog companion
  • Multiple branching options
  • 4 possible endings
  • Full voice acting
  • Custom Sprite Art

Writing and Production by: LegendEx Games
Sprite Art: DahliaWilder
Backgrounds: Stock images edited by Ecathe (DeviantArt)
Textbox: OokamiKasumi (Lemmasoft Forums)
Voice Acting: Nameless Man played by CaramelWolfie (tumblr)

Everything else used was part of the public domain. 

Thank you for playing! 
Find out more about my games atLegendExGames.tumblr.com :)


Day366: The Prologue [Windows] 63 MB
Day366: The Prologue [Mac] 66 MB


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I'd play it but I have a very bad paranoia when it comes to the apocalypse.